Grizzle App

Grizzle App

We created the Grizzle app as an additional option for users of our popular Grizzle web application. The Grizzle web game allows you to print out the game with no interaction or feedback. The Grizzle app, on the other hand, can be played anywhere without a printer and allows you to check and keep track of your correct answers.

The app includes three different levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium, and Hard. Grizzle games are often printed by teachers for students, receptionists for waiting customers, and so on. We have therefore also included a print option similar to the web application.

You don't need online access to play on your device, but you will need Internet access and a printer if you want to retrieve our printable Grizzle games.

Unlike many other apps out there, the Grizzle app does not have any advertising, subscription fees, in-app purchases, or tracking. In other words, you can use this app every day with no surprises or extra costs.

The app is self-explanatory, but you are welcome to contact us with questions and suggestions.

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