Printable Sudoku App

Printable Sudoku App

We created the Printable Sudoku app in response to a survey that we administered to thousands of daily users from our Sudoku web applications.

Our survey showed that Sudoku puzzlers wanted a self-explanatory, easy-to-use app where they could print out daily Sudoku puzzles instead of going to a webpage and scavenging through multiple pages.

The Printable Sudoku app is exactly what our Sudoku puzzlers want! The app gives users access to the four Sudoku puzzles we create each and every day: easy, medium, hard, and expert.

Each day, you can either print each level separately, or you can choose to print all four at once. All with just a few clicks in the app!

To use this app, you will need Internet access to retrieve your daily new Sudoku puzzles, as well as a printer to print them out.

However, unlike other puzzle or game apps out there, the Printable Sudoku app does not have any advertising, subscription fees, in-app purchases, or tracking. In other words, you can use this app every day with no surprises or extra costs.

We hope that the Printable Sudoku app will become one of your favorite daily puzzle apps.

The app is self-explanatory, but you are welcome to contact us with questions and suggestions.

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