Citizenship Test

Citizenship Test

Our multiple choice Citizenship Test is a fast and easy way to practice for the oral Naturalization Test so you can become a U.S. citizen.

To start the quiz, simply press "Start" and then select your multiple choice answer. Your selection will turn green if you are correct and red if you are wrong.

Press "Next" to see the next question. The score is listed on top. You can practice as long as you want. The score will reset to 0 if you press "Start".

Consider yourself prepared for the Naturalization Test if you answer 300 questions and can get 85% correct.


Note that there are a couple of questions that you may get on the actual Naturalization Test that are not on our test, because it depends on where and when you take the test.

Make sure that you know the capital of your state and the current names of the U.S. senators, the U.S. representatives, and the Governor of your state.

In addition, make sure you know the current names of the President, the Vice President, and the Chief Justice of the United States.

Good Luck!

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