Easy Sudoku Puzzles

Easy Sudoku Puzzles are good to start with if you haven't solved Sudoku before. They are good for practice and you will learn basic patterns. After you have done 20 of these, you can probably do any other Easy Sudoku in five minutes or less.

All of our Easy Sudoku Puzzles are not only printable, but also give you an option to view and print the solution. To get started with a random Easy Sudoku, please press Easy Sudoku below.

Below are samples of Easy Sudoku Puzzles that we enjoyed. Maybe you will enjoy them too.

Easy Sudoku Puzzle #343

Easy Sudoku Puzzle #554

Easy Sudoku Puzzle #3400

Easy Sudoku Puzzle #2201

Printable Sudoku Puzzles
Looking for a different level Sudoku? Go here for the largest online collection of free printable Sudoku puzzles.

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